sodablast hawkes bay line marking removal

Line Marking Removal

SodaBlast HB LTD are industry leaders in road marking removal using our ultra high pressure water blasters with vacuum recovery, designed for efficient removal while protecting our environment by collecting waste for appropriate environmental disposal.

sodablasthb concrete etching

Concrete Etching

Our experienced team have been safely etching concrete surfaces around New Zealand for many years. We can work with you through the design process and etch your concrete to any pattern you choose.

sodablasthb road sweeping

Road Sweeping

SodaBlast HB have three road sweeping trucks in our fleet, which means we can service all your company’s road sweeping requirements, from a one-off job to full reseal sweeping and permanent contract cleaning.

water cutting worker and truck

Water Cutting

The team at SodaBlast HB Ltd use our purpose built water cutting units to restore flushed road surfaces to improve road safety and save our customers money and time gaining new life out of a flushed pavement surface.

ultra high pressure water blasting


SodaBlast HB Ltd’s ultra high pressure water blasting equipment (UHP) operates up to 40,000 psi using low volumes of water. Our specialized UHP enables us to solve our customers unique stripping and cleaning problems.

Soda Blasting Hydraulic Rams

Soda Blasting

Sodablast was originally specially developed to clean 100 years of corrosive and other build-up from the iron skeleton and copper skin of the Statue of Liberty, and its specially formulated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the secret

sodablasthb swimming pool refurbishment

Pool Refurbishment

Our experienced team uses our UHP or sodablasting units to strip and clean both concrete and fibreglass pools back to a sound base ready for our skilled and experienced applicators to apply the pool coating.

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Sump Cleaning

Aqualance Hydrovac Services 2019 Ltd, for all sump cleaning requirements READ MORE

sodablasthb boiler cleaning

Boiler Cleaning

Our experienced team clean burnt on build up from boilers or condensers. Our UHP’s are the ideal tool to remove any build up from these surfaces without erosion or damage to the substrate, for cleaning or crack testing.