Cleaning of Bitumen spraying equipment

“Sodablast Hawkes Bay has been used by Downer in this area for not only road marking removal, but the cleaning of its bitumen spraying equipment.     As you know, if you’ve ever stepped in a small amount of the product, it can be very difficult to remove

Imagine what the underside of a bitumen sprayer must look like!  The clean up that gets done allows easy inspection for faults and, especially at COF time, allows inspection without fear of being rejected on cleanliness. It is also friendly on chassis components.

I have seen the extraordinary lengths the cleaners go to, to do a good job and I highly recommend them.”

Jeff Melbourne, Downer

Stripping the paint from a Lotus Europa
“I was very impressed with your professionalism and I think the end result was excellent. The blasting removed all the layers of paint whilst being sympathetic to the fibreglass. I now have a car I can assess for accident damage and the rigours of time and am confident the surface will be ideal for painting once the gel coat is restored with a spray-on two pot spray filler.”
Andrew Worth
Stripping a tank
“The level off service you gave me was outstanding, comunicated to me all the way. You finished the job on time and gave a old tank a new lease on life also cleaning up the mess as you worked though the job. I would be happy to recommend Soda Blast HB ltd.”
Noel Pulford, Wine Country Sheet metal and Engineering ltd
Cleaning Fire Damage to Building and Plant and Equipment at Waipukurau
“We are Insurance Loss Adjusters and Assessors located at Napier servicing the central North Island and Hawke’s Bay areas. Administration of the assignments completed by our company are always aligned to engaging appropriate consultants/repairers and specialists.We have had the opportunity to arrange for Neil Hammond of SodaBlast HB to undertake an assignment recently with both water and soda blasting.

The work which was a large commercial building damaged by fire included plant and equipment within the structure. The job was viewed by Mr Hammond and exploratory cleaning was undertaken over a short period of time.

This letter is to comment on the work completed by Mr Hammond which was professional, efficient and cost effective.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Hammond for this type and style of work where cleaning to a specific requirement is part of the reinstatement process.

SodaBlast HB use both soda and water-blast machinery and both were equally effective on the tasks required by our office for reinstatement of the property.”
Les R Hunt, Gleeson Hunt Harrington Ltd

Stripping the inside of a tar tanker
“I didn’t have any concerns or worries before using Soda Blast. I was very pleased with the results and the good level of service, the tank cleaned up well. Keep up the communication.”
Under body clean up of 1938 Ford car
“Initially we contemplated sand blasting but due to the fact we were not removing the body/running gear from the chassis at this time I was loathe to do this- the general condition of the vehicle was quite exceptional and keen to use soda blasting as a less invasive treatment that hopefully wouldn’t pose problems with seals/ cabling etc. My only concern was how effective it would be on removing the scale and rust to allow a good quality coating to preserve the under body. Neil appraised the job, turned up on time and although it took a bit longer than expected he honoured his estimate and you can’t ask any more than that.I wanted a job that allowed me to apply a coating to preserve the vehicles underside not necessarily grinding the steel away to a bright finish as may be required if you were going to park the vehicle over a mirror – which I am sure could have been achieved but for what we required the result was perfect and after applying a couple of coats of chassis paint the result was impressive – A good water blast after the job was all that was required & removal of brake drums the only thing was the need to protect the old braided wiring looms – rubber/plastic components were no problem. The effectiveness on stripping the paintwork back to bare metal was awesome!”