Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

SodaBlast HB Ltd’s Ultra High Pressure Water Blaster (UHP) operates up to 40,000psi using low volumes of water.  Our specialized UHP enables us to solve our customers unique stripping and cleaning problems.

Whether we are blasting furnace build up off boiler tubes or scale rust off machinery and structural steel in factories, we can perform your on site blasting.

The fact that our UHP is using only water to perform your stripping and cleaning needs, means minimal disruption to surrounding machinery and workers, therefore minimizing downtime and lost productivity.  There is also no risk of harsh abrasives being introduced to your work site or machinery as is the case with traditional blasting techniques.

Again the fact that our UHP is using water to strip, means there is no erosion or damage to the steel we are stripping or cleaning, this is particularly important in areas such as boilers.

Another advantage is that any contaminant on or in the steel surface is flushed out with the ultra high pressure water, not forced into the steel as can be the case with traditional blasting techniques.  If these contaminants are not effectively removed they can lead to costly paint failure at a later date.

Our UHP also has the rare facility to inject abrasive into the water stream should the job require it.  This enables us to perform on site water jet cutting of steel up to 25mm thick.  This type of cutting is recognized as being intrinsically safe ( does not generate sparks ) and is commonly used in the petroleum industry.

Our UHP is regularly used for; Stripping paint on concrete pools, blasting boilers, boats, cars, trucks, steel beams, concrete, tar removal, road marking removal.

Contact us to discuss your stripping and cleaning problem, you will be surprised at the lengths we will go to, to solve your unique stripping or cleaning needs!