Soda Blasting

SodaBlast was originally specially developed to clean 100 years of corrosive and other build-up from the iron skeleton and copper skin of the Statue of Liberty, and it’s specially formulated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is the secret. Compressed air fires the soda at the surface where the sodium bicarbonate granules shatter into fine particles on impact and blast away the unwanted material.

SodaBlasting will strip and clean back to the original base material, which once appropriately washed, is then ready for repainting or immediate reuse and by it’s very nature there is no pitting or scouring of the surfaces. This makes it ideal for use in restoring older metalwork or more fragile surfaces, with particular demand from the vintage and classic car sector who want to clean years of paint, grime and surface rust without damaging the original materials. Machined and gasket faces can be safely SodaBlasted without damage.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, food-grade material that is 100% water-soluble and environmentally safe. It is so safe in fact that sodium bicarbonate for SodaBlast cleaning is USDA, FDA and NZ AgriQuality approved for food, beverage and dairy industry processing equipment.

SodaBlast will save YOU time, sweat and money – without sanders, chemicals and painstaking scrubbing, buildings, vehicles, industrial machinery, vintage tractors, graffiti removal, in fact anything you want cleaned or prepared for repainting.

It is Fast – SodaBlast is much faster than hand tools and elbow grease. It lessens preparation time so you can spend your productive energy on other aspects of the work.

Tough but Tender – SodaBlast is tough on old paint but tender on rubber seals, glass, chrome, aluminium, machined surfaces, bearings, hydraulic rams, hoses, wiring or fittings.

No Pitting – SodaBlasting will not pit or damage steel, stainless steel, iron and most alluminium.  There is therefore no danger of panel steel distortion.  Engine parts can be safely SodaBlasted.

Effective Marine Clean – SodaBlast effectively and efficiently removes unwanted matter from any part of your vessel. SodaBlasting is ideal for removing anti-fouling from steel, concrete and fiberglass hulls – SodaBlast will take it off!

Blast off

  • Old paint to prepare the hull, deck or superstructure for immediate repainting.
  • Marine growth.
  • Grease, salt build-up, rust or other matter from machinery or engine parts